Taurus 2×2 Fast Folding Motorcycle

When you think of a folding motorcycle, I bet you don’t have something like this in mind.

Taurus is a unique, extra-light, super small-size, reliable vehicle. It takes just about 5 minutes to fold or unfold it and it easily fits in your car boot.

If you’re into hunting, fishing, or any sort of activity that would potentially require for you to take the car, but you would so gladly take the bike too – Taurus is something to consider. Well, sometime in the future that is – because for now you can only buy it in Russia.


Engine:     4 stroke, gasoline powered. like Honda GX-210

Displacement:     210 cc.

Horsepower:   7 h.p.

Fuel:     gasoline.

Engine start:    Electric manual

Drivetrain:     2 speeds forward.

Fuel-Tank Capacity:   4 liters.(About 2-3 working hours )

Brakes:     Separate disk brakes

Tyre size:     25х12-9 KingTyre

Tyre pressure:    0.1- 0.2 атм.

Weight:    89kg. (without starter, battery and led light) 93kg (with starter, battery and led light)

Max speed:    35 kmh

Max depth of snow cover overcaome: 45 sm

Fasl folding capability.

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