Everyone Needs to See this Free Vintage Motorcycle Museum

The Cycles Classic Café Museum of Historic Beverly, Massachusetts, USA, is a dream come true for a group of enthusiasts who gathered to create something unique as a silver lining to the 2020 pandemic.

The founders didn’t purchase any of the motorcycles for the museum. Each machine was a gift, or someone gave it for an exchange. It makes the collection unique, and although you may not find extravagant, fancy motorcycles, you’ll enjoy taking a stroll through motorcycle history.

You can see stories of previous owners written throughout each bike through restorations, stickers from places traveled, or rust and tear.

Courtesy of Cycles Classic Cafe Museum

Although the owners like to consider it the common man’s collection, some bikes are quite old and rare. The oldest motorcycle in the museum is a 1907 Merkel Light.

The museum is also home to a part of the custom-built Gould family collection containing six classic motorcycles from one of the most exciting eras in motorcycle history: 1919-1930.

If you’re into classics, you can feast your eyes on the 1924 Ner-A-Car, which the museum recently added to the collection.

In addition to some historical motorcycles, visitors can enjoy an exquisite automobilia collection with astonishing classic artifacts.

Courtesy of Cycles Classic Cafe Museum

You can check all these awesome bikes for free. For more information, visit the museum’s official webpage: Cycles Classic Cafe Museum.