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Recall: 2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America Seat Base Issues

Harley-Davidson issued a safety recall for specific 2021 Pan America motorcycles due to problems with the seat base.

According to the builder, field data indicates the seat base of some models may be prone to fracturing. The issue is most likely to occur when the rider maneuvers the bike up, balancing it to its center stand and grasps the grab rail attached to the seat.

If the seat fractures while the motorcycle is moving, it may pose a significant safety risk to the rider.

Around one percent of the line production or an estimated 2689 bikes may be affected by the issue. According to the manufacturer, “the seat base may lose threaded insert retention at one or more of the fastening locations.”

The recall includes Pan America 1250 S built between March 8 and October 12, 2021. The models created after October 12 have an improved seat base and shouldn’t worry about this recall.

If you own an affected Pan America model, you should contact your Harley-Davidson dealer as soon as possible to schedule a service appointment. All owners of the affected models will receive email notification messages starting December 6 and until December 13this year.

Harley-Davidson Pan America Seat Base Issues
Image source: Youtube/Bike World

Your authorized dealer will replace your seat bases with the new, improved models free of charge.

If you’ve already issued a service to address the exact issue this recall covers, a reimbursement plan may be available. However, 2021 pan Americas are still under warranty so it’s unlikely for an owner to pay for the service in the first place.

The official Harley-Davidson number for this recall is 0178. You may contact the manufacturer’s customer service at 1-800-258-2464.

Source: NHTSA

Featured image: Youtube/Bike World