5 Motorcycle Myths Some People Still Believe

There are tons of myths and misconceptions regarding motorcycles and motorcycle riding. Bikers, biker enthusiasts, and even folks who know nothing about motorcycles tend to spread them, not thinking about the consequences.

Some myths can be dangerous and lead a person to behave in a way that jeopardizes their life. Although most experienced riders ignore them, some still promote unsolicited wrong advice that confuses less experienced riders.

Riding newbies often believe anything an experienced biker suggests, and bad advice can easily endanger the life of someone new to riding.

We all know how passion for motorcycles runs deep for riders. While it’s true that bikes aren’t for everyone, it’s also important to debunk some common myths that may endanger new riders and lead them to experience the rougher side of bike riding.

Let’s start with no particular order!

It’s Safe to Ride a Small Bike

You’ll often hear both bikers and non-riders recommending smaller motorcycles to beginners. While it may be easier to control a smaller machine, it’s not safer than some more robust models – especially on the highway.

Photo by nick mercer on Unsplash

More often than not, small city bikes will struggle to reach highway speeds and can be more dangerous than bigger models in many situations. They simply lack many of the safety issues bigger machines pack as standard.  

A Helmet May Cause Injury

Whether you choose to wear a helmet or not is entirely up to you (unless the law obliges you to wear one) but promoting the idea that a rider with a helmet is in more danger than one without it is dangerous. Any rider who has been in an accident knows the possibility of your head hitting the concrete is quite real. In those cases, not only will a helmet help soften the hit, but it may also save your life.

Photo by Razvan Mirel on Unsplash

One thing, however, it most certainly won’t do is injure you more than hitting the tarmac with an unprotected head would.  

Riding Gear Makes You Too Hot and Uncomfortable

While this may have been true several decades ago for specific riding gear, it’s far from the truth today. Modern equipment is made, so it helps the rider feel comfortable for every season or climate.

Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash

Whether the summers are burning hot where you live or you live in a tropical area, you can find a jacket specifically tailored for your needs.

During the last decade, gear specialists have created mesh jackets that not only make you feel amazing but also offer crash protection. For those moving in slower traffic, there are specialized shirts that feel even cooler and lighter than jackets.

“I’m Way Too Experienced To Crash”

No one is safe from crashing, no matter how experienced they may be. Did you know that a vast number of motorcycle crashes happen beyond the rider’s control? In an astonishing number of them, it wasn’t the rider’s fault at all.

Photo by Gerhard Siebert on Unsplash

It can happen to even the most experienced and talented riders. The fact the crash wasn’t their fault doesn’t protect them from injuries.

Controlled Crashes Help Avoid Bigger Crashes

A controlled accident on a motorcycle is just a myth. Many bikers promote the ‘Crash small, so you don’t crash big,’ and while there may be situations when it could be necessary to take a slight fall to avoid disaster, those situations happen very rarely.

Photo by Nikita Fox on Unsplash

Telling new bikers that they should just drop the motorcycle and take a fall when they see a dangerous situation coming may result in significant injuries. When you don’t yet know how to control your bike, the chance to control the fall is improbable.

Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash