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New Awesome Accessories for the BMW R 18 Released

With its high-performance capabilities and undeniable macho appeal, the BMW R 18 is a worthy German counterpart for legendary American-made cruisers like Harley Davidson and Indian models.

While the R 18 Classic wasn’t designed to be a tourer that covers long mileage in extreme comfort, unlike the super-comfortable R 18 B, it’s still possible to dress it up and turn it into a mild tourer.

Truth be told, you don’t always need a full-on bagger when you head on a ride out of town.

To help make the classic R 18 safer, cozier, and more stylish, BMW aftermarket specialist Wunderlich just released a range of striking accessories.

Not only do they improve the rider’s comfort and add convenience, but they also make the bike look even more badass.

The new great-looking chrome tank rack that looks simple and masculine helps you bring luggage the old-fashion way using strips and tie-downs. Its minimalistic design adds an old-school charm to the bike, and it can hold luggage of up to 5 kilograms.

While it may not be for heavy bags, it allows you to carry some of your necessities in style.

Image courtesy: Wunderlich

The R 18 Classic also got a new smoked windscreen from Wunderlich. It blends seamlessly with the sleek lines of the cruiser and provides more wind protection to your torso and chest when you speed down windy highways.

Image courtesy: Wunderlich

Last but not least, Wunderlich released a tachometer you can add to your R 18 Classic. It follows the style of the default factory instrumental panel, so it looks like a perfect addition to the bike, preserving its original aesthetic.

Image courtesy: Wunderlich

“The New BMW R 18: Supreme Cruiser with Historical Roots” by Automotive Rhythms is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Source: RideApart