Know Your Sportbike Motorcycles

There are many sportbike fans out there, and they have more than enough reasons to be crazy about these two-wheeled monsters. They are all about speed, performance and handling. A good sportbike has amazing characteristics that keep the rider safe and sound while still offering maximum performance.

Let’s name the most important characteristics of a good sportbike:

STRONG BRAKES – Sportbikes have brakes with better stopping power compared to most cruisers, for example. Slowing down is just as important as gaining speed, and on a good sportbike, you’ll handle both speed and slowing down easily.

STIFF FRAME – Reinforced frames help the bike handle curves on tracks or mountain roads with ease.

HIGH CORNERING CLEARANCE – A sportbike’s superior ground clearance allows the rider to lean more during turns without dragging parts.

LOW HANDLEBARS – The controls of a sportbike aren’t meant for cruising. The handlebar arrangement tucks the rider in low to cut down on wind resistance.

ADJUSTABLE SUSPENSION – You can adjust the action of the suspension on a sportbike and fine-tune it for different kinds of roads and rider weight.

MINIMAL SEAT – When it comes to sportbikes, comfort is not a priority for many models: speed matters more.

LOW-PROFILE TIRES – Wide, low tires give better road response.

AERODYNAMIC BODYWORK – The body panels of sportbikes are sleek and slim, providing wind protection and reducing drag.

POWERFUL ENGINE – Two-, three-, or four-cylinder engines rev higher than most cruisers or touring bikes—up to 15,000 rpm!

COMPACT RIDING POSITION – On a sportbike, your arms and legs are tucked in, your body’s tilted down close to the tank, and your head’s just peering over the windscreen. Athletic riders will find it gives them maximum control, but others may find it confining.


(Source: CycleWorld)