Is This What the Future Looks Like?

BMW introduced a concept motorcycle that ditches any need for safety gear whatsoever. It is an electric motorcycle and it’s self-righting (you don’t need to put your feet down until you kill the motor).

The riders are going to wear data glasses instead of helmets and they will have all the essential data projected on the screen – which is controlled by eye movement.

Still not impressed? How about this: the bike is designed to sense the road ahead and react so that it basically can’t get into any sort of accidents.

The riders will wear special suits with inflatable sections that support the body properly reducing fatigue.

The bike is projected as a possible future for motorcycling, in the year 2030.

The futuristic two-wheeler glides silently through the hall. In the curve in front of the stage, the frame bulges out and the BMW logo affixed on the size illuminates in blue and white. The rider, equipped with a black suit and stylish glasses, brings her vehicle to a stop and remains poised in that position without taking a foot off the frame. It’s like a scene from a sci-fi film. And although it does all happen in the motion picture capital Los Angeles, it is nevertheless absolutely real. The vision vehicle, which is celebrating its world premiere at the “Iconic Impulses. The BMW Group Future Experience” exhibition, catapults you into the 40s of the 21st century.

“A time when mobility is yet more diverse and interconnected; a time when digitalisation takes on a shape which we today perceive to be surreal; a time when motorcycling becomes an analogue and at the same time extraordinarily emotional experience. “The motorcycle provides my escape from everyday life. From the moment I climb on board, I experience nothing but absolute freedom – The Great Escape,” says Edgar Heinrich, head of design at BMW Motorad.

Check out the promo video!

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