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Samsung Envisions a Smart Windshield for Motorcycles

We are becoming more and more connected to the Internet and, by extension, to our smartphones. In practice, this usually means we often keep our eyes on our devices – which is a very dangerous habit, especially if we do it while driving down the road, on two wheels or four.

Most major car makers these days have employed several technologies, like projection and HUDs, to keep drivers’ eyes on the road. Samsung is trying to do the same, but this time for motorbikes instead of cars.

Keeping driver’s eyes on the road and away from their mobile devices is admittedly easier with cars. Text-to-speech and voice control technologies, paired with HUDs, ensure that both the drivers’ eyes and hands are where they should be at all times. For motorcycle drivers, however, that is harder to pull off, short of making augmented helmets a standard safety gear.

Samsung, working together with advertising company Leo Burnett, cooked up a video concept that offers another solution. Simply called the Smart Windshield, the idea is to put important, sometimes critical information, specifically notifications within the driver’s line of sight. Well, almost within. Cars that employ this type of image projection technique are usually able to put the image a little below the direct line of sight. In the Smart Windshield’s case, however, it goes below just a bit more, which might require drivers to lower their gaze for just a wee bit.

While this might seem like a really practical solution, it still raises some safety concerns – at least among us, the Biker Digital folks. Is this a safety device or could it be the exact opposite? What do you think?

(Via: slashgear)