Are Under-Glow Neon Lights on Motorcycles Illegal?

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — Many bikers and various motorcycle enthusiasts are fond of under-glow lights on their motorcycles, but recently, one biker was pulled over for riding with the lights on at night.

Troy Mathis and his wife have been enjoying the wind in their knees, riding his bike around for years. They love its aesthetic appeal.

Mathis says it’s a really pretty looking bike, and when the lights are on, it looks fantastic. He gets a lot of compliments. However, aside from making his bike look attractive, the lights are a safety feature for the riders because it drastically increases visibility – especially at night.

A Hot Springs police officer quickly noticed the neon lights and politely asked Mathis to pull over. He then told him that he can’t have the lights on while riding his bike.

Mathis was beyond surprised. Even though he complied and turned the lights off, he was still curious to learn about the law since this was the first time he ever got pulled over for his lights.

Are under-glow lights illegal for motorcycles?

Not exactly, but they kind of are, depending on the situation and the color of the lights.

Check out THV’s 11 Listens to learn how specific the law is on these!

Do you have auxiliary lights on your motorcycle? Do you know the laws and restrictions related to them in your state?

Source: THV 11