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‘To Paris With Love’: North Texas Bikers to Honor Attack Victims

Hundreds of bikers are ready to show off their connection to the victims of the Paris attacks by riding 90 miles from Allen to the city of Paris, Texas.

North Texans are ready to show off our connection to victims of the Paris attacks in a big, bold way.

Hundreds of bikers will ride 90 miles from Allen to the city of Paris, Texas.

An Eiffel Tower replica is the city’s main tourist attraction. It features a red cowboy hat at the top.

These days, the iconic French landmark with a Texas touch isn’t just place to snap a picture. It’s where many have come to mourn, leaving behind flower bouquets to pay respects to the victims of last week’s attacks in France.

“We are thousands of miles away but we feel very close to them,”Paris Mayor Dr. AJ Hashmi said.


This weekend, Hashmi, along with French dignitaries and bikers across North Texas, will gather at the tower to remember the Paris attack victims.

Health Shields put the idea on Facebook this week.

“It’s really grown into something special,” Shields said.

Shields said he felt compelled to organize the ride after seeing the suffering after the attacks.

“The citizens of the world, be it American or French or as a global citizen, we won’t stand for it. We will stand up as a group and fight that sort of hatred,” Shields said.

So far, more than 150 bikers have signed up for the event titled “To Paris With Love.”

The rides begin at 11 a.m. Riders are also raising money that will be donated to the Red Cross in France.