Nashville Bike Week Update: No Refunds, No New Venue Announcement?

Ever since Nashville Bike Week has cut ties with Loretta Lynn’s ranch recently, many bikers have been waiting (eagerly) on some good news and a new venue announcement.

After Loretta Lynn’s ranch backed out from the event, many questions started rising, especially regarding the legitimacy of the event, as well as the organizers. The search for the organizer of Nashville Bike Week, Mike Axle or Michael Lewis Leffingwell, which exploded all over the media last week, certainly didn’t help much.

Let’s be fair, if you happened to pre-pay for an event that turned out to be organized by a guy who has previously been accused of scamming and theft, you wouldn’t feel at ease for sure.

Since the whole fuss started, organizers have promised that anyone wanting a refund would be given one, but now it seems things have changed.

Nashville Bike Week has posted a message under their terms of use that states, “There will be no refunds of any kind for purchased tickets and camping passes. Please review all orders carefully.

Also, in an email dated Feb. 20, 2017 to News 2 reporter Joseph Pleasant from the bike week email address, the organizer wrote: “Refunds have started to be preceded (sic), however there aren’t very many refund requests. We haven’t lost any bands or sponsors in our venue change. Our event is still September 14-24th 2017.”

Opinions are fairly divided, as usual. Some bikers claim nothing illegal has been done by NBW, while others strongly believe refunds should be available, given the fact Loretta Lynn’s ranch is out of the picture, and all of those people paid with that venue in mind.

The event page promised to announce a new venue by Friday this week (that’s today). However, no new venue has been announced. Instead, the page published a new round of promises.

The secrecy around the new venue announcement, and the fact it’s being delayed for the second time,  is starting to get on everyone’s nerves. Meanwhile, this is what you can see on the official Nashville Bike Week website, venue-wise:

Many bikers still feel like they’re being scammed. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!