Son Gifts a Harley-Davidson to his Dad so They Can Ride Together

Nineteen-year-old Jeremy Kline surprised his father by buying him a Harley – Davidson motorcycle.

The two of them have shared a love for motorcycles for years, and Jeremy begun talking about buying a motorcycle early 2016. They talked about it and looked at several motorcycles over the next months.

During what William thought was just a Harley-Davidson dealership visit, he pointed out a bike he particularly liked. Jeremy asked him, “If money were no object, that’s the one you’d get?”

Next thing you know, Jeremy turns to the salesman and says, “I’ll take both of those”. Both the father and salesman laughed, but Jeremy remained serious. He wanted both bikes.

Despite his father’s attempts to dissuade him, Jeremy bought his dad a Harley.

When asked why, he simply said, ‘I need someone to ride with…’

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