One Last Ride: Hundreds of Bikers Honor Dying Veteran’s Wish

Hundreds of bikers from Michigan turned up on their motorcycles on July 28 to honor a dying Vietnam veteran.

Four months ago, 66-year-old Army veteran Wayne Whisler was diagnosed with lung cancer. His family was devastated when he was given only 90 days to live.

While he had the inner strength to live beyond doctor’s expectations , with his wife at a Muskegon adult care facility, his family knew time was running out to grant this brave man his one last wish.

“My mom and him wanted to do a cross-country trip and they never got to do it. That’s sad,” Wayne Whisler’s stepson, Derrek Lee said for woodtv.

Lee says his dad wanted to have an outing with bikers and veterans for one last time, and go for a final ride.

A Facebook post was soon created calling for anyone who was willing to come out and grant this man his dying wish.

Over 500 people showed up and surprised Wayne, who had no idea they were coming.

Apart from the ride, the bikers handed cash to the family and a proclamation from Hospice of Michigan was read. A red, white and blue plaque was signed by so many front and back, there was no room left to sign.

“All joining together for a guy, a guy they don’t know, but a brother, because they were either in the military or a brother because they ride bikes and that is inspirational,” said Katie Colburn, director of nursing at Hillcrest Nursing Home.

Check out the video report from woodtv!

Here is the full 8 min video of all the motorcycles showing up to Hillcrest nursing home today for the gentleman that had his last wish to see a few motorcycles and to shake their hands, posted by Scott Stafford on Facebook.