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Tilting Motor Works: Leaning 3-Wheeled Harley (VIDEO)

Bob Mighell, founder of Tilting Motor Works, stopped by the Motorcycle USA offices to demonstrate his bolt-on conversion for Harley-Davidson Tourers, Softails, Dynas and Gold Wings that places two leaning wheels on the front of the motorcycle.

One of the beauties of Mighell’s creation is riders still countersteer like a conventional motorcycle and lean angle is said to remain the same. The suspension system stays neutral throughout the lean angle so the vehicle still has full suspension travel. Maintaining the fun and form of a standard motorcycle was high on Tilting Motor Works’ priority list.

“The advantages for having two wheels on the front of a motorcycle is that under heavy braking, 70-80% of your weight transfers to the front of the bike. Now you’ve got an additional wheel up front. We’re running 13-inch diameter discs and six-piston calipers so the stopping on this is just phenomenal. The other advantage over a single front wheel is with a single front wheel, if you go into a corner and you hit a patch of gravel or oil on the road, the front end can slide out. With two wheels, you can drift one of your wheels through a gravel patch and still maintain control.” Mighell says for MotoUSA.

Check out the video!

Source: Motorcycle USA