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Three-Wheel Yamaha FZ-09 Headed for Production?

Last October, Yamaha displayed a concept model FZ-09 at the Tokyo Motor show. There have been strong rumors that a three-wheeled version of this model (MWT-9) is now bound for production!

Your idea of a three-wheeled bike might not look like this, to say the least.

Originally described by Yamaha as a “leaning multi-wheel concept,” the MWT-9 is powered by the same 849cc triple that drives the FZ-09, FJ-09 and XSR900. However, dual wheels up front are designed to help improve stability and increase rider confidence.

Three-wheel vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, especially in North America, where manufacturers need to hold on to an ever aging riding population mixed with a desire to make motorcycling easier for new riders to get involved. (RideApart)

However, riding a three-wheeler and riding a two-wheeled bike is very different, as three-wheelers seem to be more static (like the Can-Am Spyder or Harley-Davidson Freewheeler), so the experience just doesn’t cut it for passionate riders.

On the other hand, leaning scooters like the Piaggio MP3 are becoming a very common sight in Europe’s cities, as they give the riders the convenience of a motorcycle with less risk of toppling over on subpar road surfaces.

The MWT-9 would be the first vehicle to combine these two ideas, with Yamaha claiming the vehicle as a “cornering master.”

“Exceptional cornering performance provided by twin front wheels and the bank angle maximized by outward positioned front suspension forks enable a high level of performance that lets the rider go freely through twisty roads,” said Yamaha when the MWT-9 concept was first revealed.

British moto site Visordown has reported that Yamaha representatives have told it that the MWT-9 will likely be in production within the year.

Check out the video concept!


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(Source: RideApart)