Son Gets Dads First Bike Running After 20 Years (VIDEO)

Jimmy’s father had a 1983 Yamaha “Midnight” Maxim parked in the garage for over two decades. The bike was collecting dust and ageing, occupying garage after garage.

His dad never got around to fixing the bike and the whole project of repairing it was just one of those that keeps getting postponed.

The last time this motorcycle’s engine has started, Bill Clinton was president, according to Jimmy.

After his dad first bought the bike in 1983, he used to meet Jimmy’s mom and take her for rides across the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges.

His interest in motorcycles slowed down during Jimmy’s childhood in the ’90s and Maxim, so the bike ended up sitting neglected for a long time.

When Jimmy was in his twenties, he became a biker himself – he was around the same age his dad was when he first purchased the Yamaha.

This young motorcycle enthusiast is a moto camping vlogger, which means he goes on road trips and makes videos about it. He saved up for a motorcycle and purchased quality video equipment, and now he records his journeys with a focus on the history of the region he is visiting. You can check out his road trips HERE.

Jimmy’s father is now in his ‘wisdom years’ and has gotten back into the motorcycling world, but this time as a Harley guy, so Maxim remained abandoned throughout the years.

Jimmy and the 1983 Yamaha “Midnight” Maxim
Image: YouTube via 2 Wheels 1 Compas
1983 Yamaha “Midnight” Maxim
Image: YouTube via 2 Wheels 1 Compass

After four seasons on two wheels, Jimmy has decided to restore his dad’s first motorcycle and hand him the keys.

Check out the video below to see how this young man surprises his dad!