Car Crashes While Racing With Two Bikers Down a Mexican Highway

A video posted on Live Leaks shows just how dangerous street racing can be. The dramatic moment when a car flips while racing with bikers on a highway is heart-stopping.

The bikers can be seen ripping past cars down the road – one of them filming the whole thing.  A blue sedan to the biker’s left is obviously trying to keep up. As the three of them are driving along, a woman, who was in the car next to the driver, allegedly pulled a hand brake which caused the tires on a speeding car to stop running. The car then swerves out of control and begins to flip down the highway in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.

The driver appears out of control as he tries to turn the steering wheel and the vehicle flips dramatically down the highway.

The biker pulls over as if unsure what has happened to the couple in the car.

The video does not reveal if the driver and his girlfriend were injured in the crash.

As dramatic as this video is, everyone should see it because it clearly shows that no good can come up from street racing!


(Source: DailyMail)