Four Major Reasons Why Women Find Bikers Sexy

A guy on a bike seems to have a particular sort of appeal to many women, according to surveys and statistics. Moreover, the word “motorcycle” is one of the two most popular terms women use when searching for profiles on dating sites. Psychologists say the reason behind the sex appeal of bikers is the fact people still perceive motorcycles as something challenging and rebellious.

However, unlike in the past, bikes and bikers are more socially adaptable, just like tattoos. And just like tattoos, a motorcycle is most often a hidden gem and exciting fun factor in an otherwise decent, respectful citizen.

So, what it is precisely about bikers that women find so hot? Here are the four primary reasons:

1. Bikers Are A Perfect Tough – Sweet Combo

A motorcycle signifies a little extra spice in a guy – a dash of testosterone in a world swamped with overly-sensitive men. Not that bikers aren’t kind and loving, but let’s face it – they are VERY different from modern metrosexuals. While some women may like a polished guy, many still want to see a little masculinity in their men.

Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash

A man riding a bike exudes fearlessness, self-reliance, and independence. There’s nothing but leather between him and danger, but he still embraces risks to live life to the fullest.

However, the tough side of bikers is most often balanced by their soft, kind nature when they’re off their motorcycles. Most bikers I know are sweet, gentle, big-hearted people. The combination of the two is what most ladies look for in a man.

Man on motorcycle
Photo by Oleg Yeltsov on Unsplash

2. Bikers Are Fun and Spontaneous

No one knows how to seize the moment better than a biker. A man with a motorcycle won’t let a gorgeous day go to waste – they will feel every sunray, every air swirl, or brisk breeze right there in the open.

If a biker gets in a mood to head for the seashore, the hills, or anywhere else, he will jump on his bike and go. As simple as that. Most importantly, he’ll bring his date with him and enjoy an unforgettable trip together – often out of the blue. A motorcycle guarantees three things: adventure, speed, and excitement.

Photo by Lê Tân on Unsplash

3. Bikers Make Women Feel Like Women

Women no longer look to men for affirmation, permission, or power. They are the makers of their own destiny. However, almost every woman wants to be a lil’ lady, even if just for a short time, even only every once in a while. They want to feel protected, and they need to put their trust in someone to let go of all the burden that comes with independence.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The back of your man’s bike is the perfect place to let go of all the responsibility you’ve ever had and to place your trust in his strong hands. Giving up your independent power for a little while to wrap your hands around your man’s waist and put your life in his hands is a special kind of a sensation. While it may sound old-fashioned, it’s the sexiest thing in the world for many women.

4. Bikers Empower Women To Tap Their Wild Side

Photo by Asdrubal luna on Unsplash

If you’ve ever wondered how that sexy bad girl vibe would feel and look on you, dating a biker is a perfect time to find out. A biker won’t try to tame your wild side. Instead, they empower their ladies to experience life as they wish, free their spirit and energy, and just enjoy the unchained side of life. A biker will encourage his girl to look and feel sexy, wild, and free at any age, and not many women can say no to that.

Featured photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash