Spring Flood Run Kicks Off Riding Season

Thousands of bikers will gather for the 2019 Spring Flood Run to kick off the riding season in Minnesota on Saturday, April 20. The riders will enjoy a scenic ride along the gorgeous Mississippi and St. Croix Valley roadways between Winona and Twin Cities.

The Flood Run is a charity ride, and it has been ever since the original 12 bikers rode their motorcycles 90 miles to Winona and threw sandbags to help the devastating 1965 floods.

However, the run also serves as a reminder to share the road, and not just for drivers, but for bikers, too.

With thousands of motorcycles riding between the Twin Cities and Winona during next weekend, all four-wheel drivers need to use extra caution. They are reminded to always look twice for motorcycles.

As for the riders, they should be aware of the spring weather conditions. The April snow is melting in the area right now, and snow run-off freezes at night. There is a lot of sand and gravel at turns and intersections, and the pavement is uneven. Check our list of essential things to look out for during spring rides.

Law enforcement agencies in southeast Minnesota will have patrols out during the entire event to ensure maximum riding safety.

Check out this video from the Spring Flood Run 2016!

Source: Winona Daily News