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Jason Momoa Teams Up With Harley-Davidson to Design Limited Biker Apparel Collection

The star of Aquaman, Jason Momoa, brings a hot style makeover for bikers across the U.S. He has teamed up with Harley-Davidson to launch his own vision of H-D apparel. By merging his family history and love for motorcycles, he created a limited edition Harley Davidson X Jason Momoa line.

Momoa blended his passion for two-wheelers and his authentic aloha spirit to develop a unique collection that reflects all the complexity of the simple word Aloha.

It’s a Hawaiian word used for a short, simple greeting, but it also represents many essential life terms like love, peace, affection, mercy, and compassion.

Hawaii natives also use it as a definition of a force that holds together the entire existence. The Aloha spirit also represents the coordination between every person’s heart and mind.

It’s a unique vintage-inspired collection featuring iconic H-D designs that follow the traditional and new motorcycle lines while also paying tribute to the actor’s Polynesian heritage. Each piece of apparel tells a unique story and captures the wild spirit of the fresh breeze and open road.

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The collection includes 16 unique men’s styles, both apparel, and accessory. With super-cool vintage-inspired racing jerseys, casual leather jackets, vintage tees, aloha shirts, and custom-printed bandanas, the spirit of the American biker shines through each piece. However, being so personal for the actor, the collection also reflects the loving, life-celebrating spirit of his heritage.

Check out the promo video released a couple of days ago!

I have been a true fan of Harley-Davidson for a long time, and the opportunity to develop a line of apparel together was something I was absolutely stoked to do. This collection is really personal to me, like the image of a ‘56 Panhead motor from my first motorcycle, or some subtle inclusions of ‘Aloha’ in unique ways. I truly hope people love it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Jason Momoa

Jason’s authentic passion for the brand reinforces how collaborations such as this one align with our hardwire strategy to expand our complementary business with engaging products, services and experiences,”

Jochen Zeitz, chairman, president and CEO, Harley-Davidson.

The collection has limited production and is dols exclusively in the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee or online through the official Harley-Davidson website.