The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride: The Best Dressed Men on Motorcycles Ride Again

There were almost 1000 motorcycles roaring through L.A. Sunday, with police blocking off streets and people lining the route cheering the riders on.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a worldwide fundraiser for men’s health issues. The fact that it takes place on custom café racers, Triumphs and Nortons is just a side benefit.

The ride started five years ago in Sydney, Australia, when a guy named Mark Hawwa saw a photo of TV character Don Draper wearing a classic suit and sitting on a classic bike. That first year’s ride brought together 2,500 motorcyclists in 64 cities. Last year there were 37,000 riders in 410 cities in 79 countries, and they raised $2.3 million for prostate cancer research. The goal this year is $5 million.

Auto Week went to the start of the Los Angeles ride and took a look around at all the café-racered Honda CB550s and 750s, loads of Triumph Bonnevilles, a couple Nortons, some Royal Enfields, two Indians and even a Harley 883. Everybody dressed the part in silk vests, tweed coats and mustaches with the ends curled up ala Snidley Whiplash.

Check out a part of Auto Week gallery by Mark Vaughn:

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