Bikers Stress Safety; Asking Fellow Drivers to Respect the Presence of Motorcycles on the Road

As Roar on the Shore begins, along with many other motorcycle festivities and gatherings, bikers are expressing hope fellow drivers can make traveling safe for everyone by respecting the presence of motorcycles on the road.

The number of motorcycle deaths is on the rise during warm months, especially across areas where big events happen, such as bike weeks, weekends, and all sorts of group rides.

Bikers have organized a Ride for the Fallen to raise awareness about the increasing number of motorcycle deaths in the country.

The organization has been providing a much-needed safety net for the families of fallen bikers for four years.  They donate all funds raised by the ride to the late bikers’ families, but they also hope to minimize the number of accidents by stressing safety on the road.

Look twice, save a life!

Check out the video report from Erie News!

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