Trump vs. Harley-Davidson: The Feud Continues

U.S. President Donald Trump hasn’t stopped blasting Harley-Davidson on social media.

The Milwaukee motorcycle manufacturer announced recently it would be shifting some operations overseas as a result of retaliatory EU tariffs against U.S. duties. The President of the United States is obviously troubled by this decision.

Trump took it to social media and said Tuesday that his administration is talking with other, foreign motorcycle manufacturers about their transfer to the U.S.

This isn’t the first time Trump is trashing Harley-Davidson on social media. First, he said the company would be “taxed like never before” if they go through with the plan of moving production overseas. He also said that Harley-Davidson is using the tariff situation as an excuse.

Then, last Wednesday, he spoke about his disappointment in the iconic motorcycle maker:

Meanwhile, Harley-Davidson claims that all of their motorcycles sold in the U.S. are made in the U.S.

Photo by cornstalker