Man Lost Incredible Motorcycle Collection to Fire

SOUTH BRISTOL – It may never be determined what caused the blaze that destroyed what South Bristol resident Steve Endza described as his life’s work.

What is certain for the 66-year-old is the desire to rebuild all that he lost.

On Jan. 13 – Friday the 13th, for the superstitious – a late-night fire consumed Endza’s roughly 1,500-square-foot, self-built garage.

Inside the now destroyed structure were 15 motorcycles that Endza had dedicated his time and countless dollars to restoring through the years. The 14 Harley-Davidsons and one Indian motorcycle were completely decimated by the fire, as well as a substantial number of motorcycle parts and a collection of various antiques.

“Your life’s work of collecting, going to swap meets and yard sales,” Endza said a few days after the incident. “Gone.”

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