Mercedes Benz Super Bowl Commercial 2017

Ahead of Super Bowl 51 comes some sweet eye candy: an amazing Mercedes Benz Super Bowl Commercial .

The minute-long commercial takes place in a Route 66 roadhouse where a batch of bearded bikers congregate to worship at the alter of Easy Rider as Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild,” the film’s unofficial anthem, booms out of a jukebox that only plays “Born to Be Wild.”

The Coens’ knack for comical violence is on full display as the bikers cause raucous in the roadhouse until one angry motorcyclist barges in to alert his brethren that he’s “blocked in.”

When the bikers pour outside to see who committed the cardinal sin, they encounter Fonda, who’s now driving a Mercedes GT Roadster instead of his classic chopper. The actor then flashes a peace sign as he roars down Route 66 in his new vehicle of choice.

Check it out!

Rolling Stone Magazine