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Bar Owner Stands up to Dozens of Motorcycle Riders

Ed Jackson, a bar owner in Bossier City decided to stand his ground against dozens of motorcycle riders and told them they are not welcomed at his bar.

The riders were allegedly threatening to kill members of some other motorcycle club when they rolled up outside his bar. The owner says they were members of the Bandidos, Gray Ghosts and OK Riders Motorcycle club.

The owner of the bar walked outside and confronted them before they could reach the entrance of the bar and go inside.

“They act like 6-year-olds,” says Ed Jackson, a retired Shreveport police officer of 20 years, talking about the biker gang mentality in general.

“If they ain’t got a gang backing them up, they have no backbone.”

“I stepped up and told them up front, you’re not welcomed.”

Jackson says one biker threw something in his direction, shattering one of the bar’s front doors, but he still stood his ground. He adds the encounter lasted about 5 minutes before the bikers finally began riding off when they could hear sirens in the distance getting closer and closer.

The encounter was caught on tape.

Check out the video report from KSLA!
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