Biker and Marine Combat Vet Killed While Trying to Stop a Robbery

Two people are dead after a robbery that happened at a Dollar General in South Toledo.

According to a news release, the suspect, Dale Slocum, 56, walked into the Dollar General, demanding money. He reportedly pulled out a gun, which the police officers later found out was a replica.

Brooke Clay, 51, and her partner of 13 years, Tommy Thacker, 53, tried to stop the robber. The police say Thacker acted heroically and tried to hold Slocum down, but the robber had a hidden knife on him and he viciously stabbed Thacker, who succumbed to his wounds very soon, right there on the scene.

According to a Facebook post that announced his unfortunate fate, Tommy “Spyder” Thacker was a member of a motorcycle club and a USMC veteran. He was active in several charitable causes, such as Returning American Warriors, an organization of bikers which helps current and past military personnel with whatever they might need.

Posted by Christie Marie on Monday, July 23, 2018

The robber, however, found himself face to face with Officer Jonathan Chio of Toledo PD soon after he fled the scene. The officer shot the Slocum, mortally wounded him. He died in the hospital.

According to Toledo police, an investigation is still undergoing. Courts say Slocum had a criminal history with several charges, including burglary, robbery, and aggregated theft and assault.

Source: 13ABC