Hundreds of Bikers Showed Up After Only 3 Friends RSVPed to a Birthday Party of a Boy With Autism

Slinger — The heartbroken mother of a 10-year old boy, Thomas Karna, took it to social media when only three friends RSVPed to her son’s birthday party.

Before the summer vacation begun, Thomas’s mom sent out 70 birthday party invitations to his classmates, but only a few of the kids confirmed they would show up.

Thomas has autism, and his mother was scared he would end up with a broken heart at the birthday party. His mother’s best friend, Stephanie Lovejoy, started a Facebook event and asked a few bikers to surprise the kid on his birthday – because Thomas adores motorcycles. But no one expected the surprise that happened last Sunday!

Hundreds of bikers traveled to Slinger to Thomas’s party with presents, balloons, and cake to celebrate his “double digits” with him.

Thomas is a great fighter. In addition to having autism, he was also born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia or CDH. It is a condition that causes the stomach and intestines to migrate into the chest, so Thomas had to go through a lengthy hospital stay as a newborn baby.

The boy was thrilled and couldn’t believe so many bikers came for him.

“So amazing to know that all these people came here for me — to celebrate me,” he said.

This will certainly be a birthday party he will never forget!

Check out the video report from Fox6!