Caught on Camera: Pickup Driver Mows Down Bikers!

Several videos taken by motorcyclists in the Chicago suburb of Aurora, Illinois on Sunday show a frightening scene of a pickup truck plowing through a group of bikers and ramming motorcycles – IN FRONT OF A CHURCH!

Chicago United Riders were hosting the ride and many of the bikers had their helmet cams on, so most of this outrageous encounter was caught on camera.

In one of the videos you can see what happened before helmets went down: the truck swerving into the group of bikers, then stopping in front of them at a green light.

Check it out:

Another video shows the group of bikers surrounding the truck. You can’t really see just what had happened moments before one of the bikers starts trying to smash the pickup driver’s side window with his helmet. Dale Kiesgen, who shot this video, said that the truck driver forced his vehicle into the group of bikers who were trying to stay tightly packed while riding.

Watch his video here:

Kiesgen also wrote that the driver’s actions pretty much upset the bikers so the confrontation had to happen.

Another video posted on Facebook shows the riders right before the incident. You can see a large group of bikers taking up all lanes.

This last video includes actual reaction from the police officers – who appear to be taking the side of the truck driver!

Any thoughts?