100 Bikers Show Up to Greet Boy With Down Syndrome on His First Day of School

This Pennsylvania kid started off the school year like a rockstar.

A fleet of 16 bikers escorted Sean Meahrer to his first day of class at Salisbury High School in Salisbury Township.

The 16-year-old has Down syndrome. After his family posted on Facebook that they were worried about him starting school this year and getting taunted, a local motorcycle club volunteered and picked the teen up at his house at 6 a.m. to show their support.

Sean rode on the back of a bike wearing a helmet and vest, and arrived at school ready to tackle the day. There, another 100 bikers met him in an incredible show of support.

Update: Apparently, Sean Meahrer has never been bullied, as said by one of the gentlemen who escorted him to school that day. We apologize for that misunderstanding, that was what we’ve learned from the source of this story, to whom you can complain if you click on the source link.


(Source: Inside Edition)