One Year Later: Lawyer Wants D.A. Removed from Biker Brawl Case

WACO — Nine people dead and 18 wounded in less than two minutes. Tuesday, May 17, marked one year since the Waco biker brawl — the most violent day in Texas biker history.

And depending on whom you ask, it all started over a patch. Or owed dues. Or somebody’s foot got run over. Or parking sports.

Also, nobody seems to be able to pin down exactly why a grand jury indicted 154 bikers — or why there’s not even a trial date.

“This is an extraordinary case,” said lawyer Abigail Anastasio, who’s representing one of the bikers.

Anastasio filed paperwork in Waco Tuesday trying to get District Attorney Abel Reyna and some of his staff disqualified from the case.

“They arrived on scene and started directing law enforcement as to how to proceed on this case,” Anastasio said.

She says they hijacked the investigation and since Reyna was on the scene, he might even be considered a witness.

Anastasio says the DA’s Office ordered gang charges against anyone on the scene who was wearing a patch,clothes, or logos that indicated support for the Bandidos or the Cossacks motorcycle clubs, without saying they had committed a crime.

“If someone could tell me exactly what my client is alleged to have done, I would like that,” Anastasio said during a news conference outside the courthouse Tuesday morning.

“He was at Twin Peaks, like everyone else, for a meeting.”

So far, the DA’s office isn’t responding to any of this. It might be a long time before we get real answers about what went down in Waco.

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(Source: CW33)