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You Didn’t See Me – A Powerful Motorcycle PSA

Every biker knows that the most common danger lurking on the roads is him being invisible to drivers. Ask any of them and they will tell you they’ve been in a situation where a car or truck driver didn’t see them, or worse: they will tell you about a brother or sister they’ve lost due to being invisible to the four-wheeled drivers.

This video is a very touching public service announcement from a few years back, with a powerful message that remains important for all bikers. The video was made to raise awareness as a perfect reminder to pay attention and watch for motorcycles.

During winter, when most bikers have been off the road, other drivers might have forgotten about them and they surely need to be reminded of the presence of motorcycle riders on the roads. You should share the road and look twice for motorcycles.

No matter how careful they are, their lives still lay in other driver’s hands.

The video also touches the stigma that flows around bikers and brings to light the assumptions most people feel free to make about bikers, solely based on their appearance. Never judge a book by its cover, because bikers support numerous charities and keep showing the world how big-hearted they are.

Check out the video below and let us know have you ever been invisible to drivers? Are you being judged because of your appearance?

Share your thoughts in the comments and share this video! Let’s raise awareness and save lives!