Bikers Rally Against Child Abuse in South Carolina

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – On Sunday, the American Legion welcomed many bikers who rallied against child abuse in an effort to raise awareness and ensure that every child grows up in a safe environment.

Event organizers say that the sole purpose of the event is to openly start the conversation no one really enjoys having: an issue that affects far too many families in the Midlands. In the last three years alone, the department of Social Services has reported a devastating number of 27,200 cases of child abuse in the state of South Carolina.

Bikers Against Child Abuse officials say that even though there is so much to be done to prevent child abuse, it all starts by drawing awareness.

“Any child abuse expert that you come across will tell you one in six cases actually get reported so it’s probably closer to 100,000 kids just in South Carolina are victims of child abuse,” said event organizer Bradford Gourley. “In my opinion, violence begets violence and if children are being abused, they are going to grow up and abuse. So really, my opinion is the best way we can stop the culture violence that we have, not just in South Carolina but in this country, is to really focus on child abuse because that’s where a lot of this starts.” (Live5News)

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.