Girl on Motorcycle vs. Littering: Bold Biker Chick Takes Sweet Revenge on Litterbugs

Littering has always been a problem and its environmental and financial impact on nations is heavy. Certain trash can pose serious threats to animals and it also attracts insects and rodents, damaging the ecosystem and lowering life quality of everyone around.

Cleaning up litter is a very expensive act; in the US alone, clean-up costs $11.5 billion each year. This actually affects the nation because this huge amount of money could be used elsewhere (infrastructure, education, improving local organizations and communities, etc.).

An anonymous activist from Russia has decided to take the matter of littering into their own hands.

This video of her riding around on her motorcycle and catching litterbugs red-handed has become viral on YouTube and many people salute this rider for her straightforward approach.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!