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Packs of Riders Misbehaving on CNY Highway; Police Helpless

Interstate 690 in the Syracuse area in N.Y. has seen its share of mayhem recently. Riders standing on their bikes and ATVs, doing wheelies, and blocking traffic have taken over the lanes.

Usually, when most riders or drivers come across road police, they slow down. Not these folks!

Packs of riders on dirt bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs have been running red lights and filming each other performing various tricks on highways and area roads. They sometimes do it right in front of police officers.

Syracuse police Sgt. Tom Blake says a rider drove by his patrol running a red light a nonchalantly doing a wheelie, reports. He wasn’t alone, though. The jokester was followed by over 20 other bikes, most of them doing the same things.

Since the police don’t chase riders for such traffic violations because it can be hazardous and fatal, there was little for him to do but get frustrated and watch them pass.

Blake claims the riders are getting bolder because they know they can get away with it.

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