First Recall of The Year Goes to Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is entering 2019 with a recall on 2016 through 2019 Street 500 and 750 models for a potential brake issue that could cause a crash. They have temporarily stopped shipping these models because of this problem.

The recall wasn’t published on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website because of the current government shutdown. However, the Milwaukee company has confirmed that they have informed their dealers and customers about the issue.

Around 12,800 motorcycles sold in the U.S. are included in the recall. The brake pads could drag on the wheel due to the corrosion of the caliper piston. Dragging breaks lead to premature wear of the pads and the disc.

Harley Davidson Street 500
Image credit: The Bike Show

Worst case scenario: if the rider pulls the brake all the way, the piston might fail to retract properly and keep the brake pad applied to the disc which keeps him from moving forward.

The brakes might not work, to put it bluntly.

Harley Davidson Street 750
Image credit: SFR SanFranciscoRider

Owners of motorcycles in question can give the Harley-Davidson customer service a call at 1-800-258-2464 with their VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) in hand to quickly verify whether their bike is affected.

In case the motorcycle is involved in the recall, owners will be invited to visit their dealer, and the dealer will make sure to give them a new set of front and rear brake calipers free of charge.