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Aquaman Has a Blast at the Harley-Davidson Museum (VIDEO)

Ladies’ favorite celebrity, the world-famous hunk Jason Momoa visited the Harley-Davidson Museum, and he reacted like a kid that just entered a candy factory.

At the very start of his tour, Momoa met Harley-Davidson CEO Matt Levatich, who gifted him a medallion made out of Harley-Davidson frame steel.

Image source: Jason Momoa

The famous actor’s tour was recorded on video, and since social media often promotes videos that are basically about watching other people experience things, this one is no different.

If you’re a fan of the hot hunk, you will enjoy every second of the video and you might even forget about looking the the bikes.

Image source: Jason Momoa

Momoa’s is obviously a huge fan of Harley-Davidson, which might or might not come out of the fact he was gifted a motorcycle after the filming of Aquaman. In the video, he shows off his new H-D shirts, sweater, and jacket, along with his new custom-made ring.

A short, but fun visit from Bill Davidson brought a special spark to the whole video.

Jason Momoa and Bill Davidson
Image source: Jason Momoa

The whole video and its host are a huge reminder that Harleys are big, powerful, and can’t go unnoticed. After watching it, though, we aren’t sure which colossal the ladies would rather have show up at their garages: this handsome hunk or a Harley.

Check out the video!