Fellow Bikers Deliver The Ultimate Birthday Gift to Terminally ill Brother

Tom Strehlow is a 78-year old biker, a true Harley-blooded man in more than one way.  He has been riding Harleys for as long as he can remember, he is a former Harley-Davidson employee and he lives in Milwaukee the homeland of Harley.

Unfortunately, Strehlow had to give up on riding and park his motorcycle for good because he suffers from Lewy Body Dementia. The disease took away his riding skills, and if that alone isn’t hard enough for any man to bear, he was also diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Despite the terrible circumstances – or because of them, his family decided to make his 78th birthday special. They reached out to a local Harley-Davidson community and the response was amazing!

Over 30 Harleys roared in front of Strehlow’s house and one of the bikers took Strehlow on a ride with him in a sidecar. Then they all rode together all the way to the Harley-Davidson Museum. Once they arrived there, Harley-Davidson arranged a special tour for him and a special present: a leather H-D jacket.

“It was perfect, beautiful!” “All I really wanted was a handshake,” Strehlow told Fox 6 News.

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Source: Bikers Story