Woman Files Suit Over Arrest In 2015 Waco Biker Shootout

A Texas woman claims she was wrongfully arrested following a deadly 2015 Waco biker shootout. She is suing the city of Waco and demanding $350 million in damages.

Morgan English and her husband were going to attend a meeting of motorcycle clubs at the Twin Peaks restaurant, where the shooting happened. The two of them got caught in the shooting incident when 9 people were killed, and 20 were injured.

177 people were arrested after that. English’s attorneys say she cooperated with police, but was arrested nevertheless, and charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.

Charges were later dropped against the couple.

Morgan English claims her constitutional rights have been violated, and says she is not a member of any criminal group or investigation.

The suit names McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna, the former Waco police chief and others. Similar lawsuits have been filed by other people who were arrested.