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Robbing a Biker of his Vest Sparked Brawl, Fatal Shootout

One biker club’s wresting an adorned vest from the president of another motorcycle club triggered the Columbus bar brawl and 2015 shootout that killed one man and wounded three others, a prosecutor told jurors in the murder trial of three men accused of gang violence.

Assistant District Attorney Ray Daniel said the Strikers club was holding a meet and greet Oct. 9, 2015, at the 4th Quarter Sports Bar, 6969 Macon Road, when around 11:20 p.m. a group affiliated with the Outcast Motorcycle Club arrived, led by defendant Daginald Wheeler.

Their aim was to teach the Strikers to seek the Outcast gang’s approval before hosting such events, Daniel said.

He said surveillance video from the bar showed Wheeler conferring with his black-clad followers before they split up, with some of the armed bikers going to the rear of the bar while others went in the door.

“They walk together just like a commando group,” Daniel said, calling Wheeler a gang leader known as “Headquarters.”

Inside the bar, the Strikers club president had just finished line dancing when the Outcasts jumped him, dragging him to the floor and snatching off his club vest, Daniel said. That provoked the Strikers, who started fighting back.

Among those in the bar was Dominic Mitchell, whom the Strikers had asked to cook for them. Mitchell joined in defending the Strikers’ president, Daniel said.

Then the shooting started.

Among those with Wheeler were Demark Ponder and James Daniels Jr., both “probates” or pledges to the Outcast gang, the prosecutor said. Ponder fatally shot Mitchell before everyone scattered, running outside to the parking lot, Daniel said.

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