SDPD Targeting the Chosen Few MC?

The story relating to two members of the Chosen Few Motorcycle Club that were profiled in San Diego last week continues to develop. Although both men were arrested for wearing rings as brass, including wedding rings, the District Attorney is only pursuing charges against one member for a decorative whip and keychain. Both items were zip tied to the bike nullifying the ability to use either as a weapon.

The member being charged with two felony crimes is employed as a professor and has no criminal record. Internal Affairs and Citizen Review Board Complaints have also been filed. Most troubling, it appears that one detective in particular has been targeting and harassing members of the Chosen Few MC in San Diego.

SDPD Targeting the Chosen Few MC?

According to the professor and Chosen Few member being charged:

“It is interesting that the detective behind the scene, Timothy Coyle, is the same detective who has been harassing all the San Diego Chosen Few members. And the DA is the same DA (J. McLaughlin) who is prosecuting another one of our members who was jammed up under similar profiling circumstances by the same “crime suppression” unit.”

These concerns are definitely worth exploring. It is clear that police were conducting surveillance based on appearance, not behavior.

A minor traffic infraction was used to conduct a stop to harass and investigate based on a discriminatory stereotype.

Unreasonable Seizure? Police Won’t Return Chosen Few Colors or Other Property.

According to the professor, neither member has gotten back their rings, phones, or Chosen Few colors. One motorcycle is also still being held. This is despite the fact that the decorative keychain and whip have zero to do with any other property police seized. One of the men isn’t even being charged. There is no argument for these items being part of an investigation.

Importantly, the neither man was wearing his colors at the time of the traffic stop. They were stored in saddle bags. Of course they were being surveilled and had Chosen Few MC insignia on their motorcycles so they were identified as 1%’ers before they ever got on their bikes.

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