Hells Angel David Giles dies months after getting record sentence

Hells Angel David Giles died Saturday, just months after getting a record sentence for conspiracy to import and traffic cocaine.


Giles died in an Abbotsford hospital Saturday, just three months after he was handed a record sentence for his role in a massive international cocaine conspiracy.

B.C. Justice Carol Ross gave the ailing 67-year-old biker an 18-year sentence, minus credit for time served, leaving a net term of just over 11 years.

It was the longest sentence ever given to a B.C. Hells Angel.

Ross said Giles was one of the leaders in a plot to smuggle half a tonne of cocaine into B.C. Undercover cops posing as South American drug exporters had duped Giles and his associates in a sophisticated multinational sting.

The judge rejected a call for a more lenient term from Giles’ lawyer Paul Gill, who said his client was critically ill and needed a liver transplant.

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