Bikers for Trump Founder on Clashes with Protesters on Inauguration Day

Bikers for Trump founder Chris Cox joined FOX Business to share his experience at President Donald Trump’s inauguration in Washington, D.C. this weekend, which included some violent interactions with protesters.

“We had many clashes of our own. We served many knuckle sandwiches. We had a couple of nose rings knocked out of some protesters,” Cox said.

Cox highlighted one incident, where he said a protester spat on a biker and made an explicit gesture toward him.

“The biker gave him a knuckle sandwich, dislodged the nose ring and then he massaged his face with his knuckles several times after that,” he said. “The police witnessed it, they walked up, they believed that the biker had reason to believe the protester was there to do harm to him, and they told the biker to have a nice day.”

Despite the skirmishes with protesters, Cox said not one biker was arrested.

“We’ve never had a biker arrested at any of our events. And those were just two of the five encounters that we had with protesters,” he said.

Source: Yahoo