Young Firefighter Lauded For Efforts on Stopping a Stolen Ambulance

COVENTRY, R.I.—After a 13-year-old boy stole one of the Central Coventry Fire District’s ambulances on Thursday night, a young firefighter made tremendous effort to stop him from hurting himself or anyone else.

The police say everyone was trying to calm down the boy, who has autism and ADHD, and they took him to the firefighter’s station because it was one of the places he really liked to visit.

Once they arrived, the boy suddenly ran over to an ambulance, entered it, locked the doors and started the vehicle,  police reports.

It was right after this happened that the young probationary firefighter named Scott Brown Jr. jumped through the passenger window and tried to reach and grab the key.

However, the boy placed the ambulance in drive, and Brown was hanging out of that window until the ambulance smashed into a parked cruiser. He was thrown onto Route 117 and the ambulance crossed the roadway and got hit by a motorcycle before it finally went down an embankment.

Brown ran to help the injured motorcyclist, even though he was wounded himself.

In a statement, Brown was commended by the police for his efforts. Challenges faced by parents and first responders in caring for a person with autism or any other mental health disorder were the main focus of the statement.

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