Badass Pakistani Woman Goes On Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip

Zenith is a woman who went on a solo motorcycle adventure in Pakistan to fulfill her late father’s dream.

She asked her mother what was that one thing her father wanted to do, but couldn’t, and she replied saying that he really wanted to go on this crazy motorcycle journey around the world.

At just 21 years old, Zenith is challenging patriarchy by going on 500 mile trip alone in Pakistan. The journey lasted over a week and she went from her urban hometown, Lahore, to the mountains in the Kashmir belt.

She discovered a whole new perspective while riding, and while she did it with her father in mind, she found out that the biker’s life is an incredible thing. Kashmir now thinks the best gift her brother could ever give her was teaching her how to ride.After taking the solo trip, she went on another one with her brother!

In a strict patriarchy country like Pakistan, having the guts to do something like this is huge for a woman. She met her share of haters online and in real life, saying it’s disgraceful for a woman to ride, but nothing could stop her!

You go, girl!

Watch the video!