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Self-Balancing Yamaha Motoroid Motorcycle Showcased at International Motor Show

Yamaha’s futuristic self-balancing motorcycle called the Motoroid was showcased and tested at the Bangkok International Motor Show this week.

The Motoroid interacts with its riders with the help of artificial intelligence and the Japanese company describes it as the future of motorcycling.

“The motorbike is the recent past, and the Motoroid is the future,” John Boreland, Yamaha spokesman said CES last month.

The super-smart bike comes with many futuristic features. For example, it’s able to recognize riders, it balances on its own and you can summon it with a wave!

But that’s not all!

Remember when we talked about the Honda motorcycle that never falls over and follows you around? The Motoroid can do the same thing. Being packed with cameras, not only can it be summoned, but it can also follow its rider at a slow pace via facial recognition technology.

Check it out!

Demonstrating Yamaha Motor Motoroid at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

What do you think? Is this the future of motorcycling?