Incredible:Biker Catches Stabbing Suspect!

St. Paul, Minn. – Jerry Daye is a biker from St. Paul, Minnesota. His recent actions are applauded by the police, as he chased and captured a fleeing stabbing suspect.

Jerry went for the chase even before knowing anything about the nature of the crime committed.

“I heard a really blood curdling scream, it was really loud,” Daye said. “People out in front of the Cathedral were all looking down like something had happened, something bad had happened.”

What he didn’t know is that the scream came from a domestic assault victim who had been stabbed in the arm inside her SUV on Marshall Avenue near St. Paul College.

There was  yet another good soul at the scene – a nurse  who was out for a walk with her husband. She jumped into the vehicle and gave the victim emergency first aid until the ambulance arrived.

Her husband flagged down Jerry – who was out for a motorcycle ride with three friends. Jerry quickly broke formation to check out what’s happening.

“He just kept pointing to the guy who was running down the street, saying, ‘He did it! He did it! It was him’!”

Daye was still unaware of the nature of the crime that had been committed, but he gave chase, popping over a curb and down a grassy hillside onto Old Kellogg St., surprising the suspect.

“I went over that hill pretty fast, because whatever had happened I knew it was bad,” Daye remarked. He said the man tried to stuff a bag into the storm drain.

“He turned around really fast, and I kind of just grabbed his arm and threw him down,” Daye says.

In the bag by the storm drain was a chef’s knife.

“People are so willing to pick up a phone and videotape something, but they’re not willing to interact or get involved. The best part here is these people chose to act, and it made a difference in this case,” Sgt. Mike Ernster of the St. Paul Police Department says.

The victim was just released from Regions Hospital but wanted to thank the bikers for stepping in.

Check out the video report:


(Source: kgw)