‘Bikers for Trump’ Stop Protesters From Burning American Flag at Cleveland RNC

Once protesters standing outside of the Quicken Loans Arena during the Republican National Convention (RNC) began burning the American flag on Wednesday, a group of bikers decided to step in and defend Old Glory.

The Boston Herald reports that members from “Bikers for Trump,” a group formed to “promote and coordinate peaceful Bikers for Trump™ rallies and events nationwide,” confronted a group of protesters outside of the RNC convention who were in the process of burning the American flag.

The bikers showed up with their own fire extinguishers and began putting out the flames alongside Cleveland firefighters, who were already on hand after hearing rumors that a flag burning would take place at some point during the convention.

Bikers for Trump rode into Cleveland on Monday to help protect Trump and keep the protesters in order. A spokesperson for the group indicated that they are not looking for any fights but will be a first line of defense for protesters who fail to obey the laws.

Founder Chris Cox began showing up to a number of Trump rallies to help protect citizens and keep the peace, after a series of violent incidents occurred. Since then, masses of bikers joined Cox, with the same goal in mind.

Check out this video:

(Source: Inquisitr)