Harley-Davidson CEO: Our Goal is The Same as Trump Administration

Harley-Davidson CEO Matt Levitach wrote a memo to dealers and employees Tuesday.

The memo addressed “misinformation” regarding the company’s trade issues, and it says Harley-Davidson shares the same trade objectives as the Trump administration.

“Our goal is the same as the U.S. Administration: we want a level-playing field when it comes to trade, and we are working with government officials to find the best solution for our company and our brand.” the letter says.

Levitach claims the company is investing in overseas production only so it would have a “fighting chance” of competing with other motorcycle brands in markets that require high-tariffs, such as Europe.

“It is our clear preference to manufacture in the United States; it has been since 1903, and it remains so today. The only reason we have invested otherwise is so that our products have a fighting chance of being price competitive in markets that burden our products with high tariffs.” he wrote.

He says it is not the company’s intention to be political in any way, and being in the spotlight of a political affair is not what they desire.

“It is not our intention or our desire to be in this political spotlight, and the entirety of our effort and focus is to minimize any impact on this great brand, company, the business of our dealers and, critically, the passion and loyalty of our riders who we do everything for,” Levitach wrote.

Even though the letter didn’t directly address President Trump’s recent support for possible boycotts, it came right after Trump tweeted on Sunday, and said it would be great if bikers who are Harley owners would boycott the brand.

A copy of Levitach’s letter was published by American Iron magazine, and according to FoxBusiness, a Harley-Davidson spokesman has confirmed its authenticity.