Trump Backs Riders Who Boycott Harley-Davidson in Steel Tariff Dispute

The war of words between President Donald Trump and iconic motorcycle maker, Harley-Davidson, is still ongoing.

On Sunday, Trump denounced the company’s plan to shift a part of its production overseas, and he backed up consumers who are calling for a boycott.

The President posted a series of posts on Twitter, saying that people looking to stop buying Harley-Davidson is “great” news, adding that rival companies were moving to produce in the U.S.

It’s no secret Harley is investing in new production facilities overseas to avoid tariffs. In June, the motorcycle manufacturer announced plans to move its complete European market production out of the United States because of harsh retaliatory tariffs from the EU.

As the company’s U.S. sales are going increasingly down due to lack of millennial interest in their motorcycles, Harley’s international plans include increasing production in India and China, and American Harley riders are not happy with the situation.

According to data from World Top’s experts, the global motorcycle sales totaled $24.1 billion in 2017, and Asian countries account for the largest share of exported bikes, so it’s clear why Harley wants to focus on production overseas.

Many life-long Harley riders have decided to boycott Harley-Davidson, and the President seems to be supporting the boycott.

Check out the video report from CNBC!

President Trump backs Harley-Davidson boycott from CNBC.

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